Texas Rebel Knights of the Invisible Empire

If your white and you would like to fight the fight. Send your donations to P.O.Box 2529 Quinlan , Texas 75474

First is our god and savior Jesus Christ. The Klan is a christian organization.You must believe in God and that Jesus Christ is the son of God to become a member. 

Second is race. The Klan does not believe in equality or integration. We love the white race and will do all we can to defend and preserve it, if necessary we will defend it with our lives. 

Third is country. This is our country, our forefathers fought and died so we would have it and now we are loosing it to non-whites at an increasingly fast rate. Non-whites are flooding across our borders. The non-white population is increasing while the white population is decreasing. The Klan and it's member's have no intentions of living in a non-white controlled country. Our country must be saved from the fires of racial degradation and degeneration. The time is now, all one needs to do is open their eyes and ears to find out we are in trouble. If the white race does not unite we will loose our fight and our children will not have much of a future to look forward to when they are the minority.